HOW TO > SONIC STYLER PRO Ultrasound hair straightening process

>>>Ultrasound hair straightening process

1, Counseling & Hair diagnosis
Check the hair condition, hair quality, and scalps etc. and select agents with hearing the customer’s requests.
Basically remove the impurities and residues sticking to hairs without hurting scalps and make the hairs clean.

04.jpgDo pre-shampoo after checking the hair straightening history and the damage level of the hairs.

2, Apply PPT Ceramia to damaged parts
In pre-treatment, there are 2 types: pre-treatment as treatment and that for easy perming.
In the former type, we basically divide into PPT treatment and hair protection.

04.jpgDSC_0360.jpgIn case of much moisture, dry lightly and do blocking in order to be able to apply agents easily. Apply PPT. Ceramiawith a trigger and irradiate ultrasound waves with SONIC STYLER PRO about 3 times.

3, Apply agent 1
Apply alpha cosmetic 1
Apply the agent with a brush and comb the hairs a few times.

04.jpgDSC_0360.jpgAfter applyingPPT. Ceramia , spread the alpha cosmetic 1all over the hairs except 1cm from the hair roots.

4, Press with SONIC STYLER PRO
Press the hairs. Put the hairs between the hair iron lightly and pull the iron in order not to remove the agent from the hairs as a caution.
Leaving time
The time depends on hairs, but please leave the hairs as themselves for 15 ~25 minutes.

04.jpgIt depends on the hair condition, but wind the hairs with wrap and leave for about 15~25 minutes after irradiating the approximately 2cm base panel with pressing lightly and pulling with SONIC STYLER PRO 3~7 times. (When the agent becomes dry, apply it additionally. Further, in case of strongly curly hairs, wash the hairs once and do the procedures 3 and 4.)

5, Softening test
Softening check
There is no alkali swelling since we use some neutral reductant. So, you cannot understand any result if you pull a hair like rubber. Pull out a hair bundle thinly and wipe off the agent. Then, apply some water with a sprayer and see the hair condition.

04.jpgPull out a hair bundle thinly and apply some water to the hair root part with a sprayer. It is OK if you loosen the hair bundle to the root slowly and there is no kink.

6, Middle water washing
Wash away the agent 1
After washing away 50 percent of the agent with fitting a stopper into the shampoo ball, do a change rinse procedure with the saved hot water and wash away the rest of the agent. (*Caution, Please don’t add plane rinse after the change rinse procedure in order for protein and moisturizing agent to a little remain inside of the hairs.)

04.jpgFit a stopper into the shampoo ball and wash away from the nape. Then, wash away the agent with doing the change rinse procedure for the part front from the ear-to-ear part with the saved hot water. Dry the hairs by towel without plane rinse in order for the protein and moisturizing agent permeated to the hairs not to flow out.

7, Complete Drying
Apply some middle treatment agent
Add a little treatment in the condition where the hairs are wet, comb them, and dry them completely with a dryer,

04.jpgCompletely dry with a dryer.

8, Hair iron treatment
Add some fever to the hairs, whose cysteine bonding are separated due to the reductant, with a straightening iron and combine the permeated protein with the real hair’s protein.
Put about 2cm hair bundle between the iron and pull it neatly. At the same time, pull out with a little tension and pull the iron by 160℃~180℃.

04.jpgWith using a straightening iron and pressing to the middle part of the hairs by 160℃~180℃, pull the iron 7 or 8 times to extend the hairs. It is OK to pull through the damaged part of the hair ends once.

9, Apply the agent 2
Apply the alpha cosmetic agent 2
Add the alpha cosmetic agent 2 in the condition where the hairs are wet, comb them, and dry them completely with a dryer.

04.jpgDSC_0360.jpgSince the alpha cosmetic agent 2 is hydrogen peroxide water, it is OK to leave for 5 minutes.

10, Washing
Firmly wash away the agents on the parts such as scalps, face, and neck at the shampoo basin.

04.jpgDSC_0360.jpgDSC_0360.jpgAfter firmly washing away the agent, apply PH-control-MC as post-treatment like rubbing onto the hairs, wash away by the change rinse procedure, and remove the moisture well with a towel.

11, Styling dry

04.jpgFirmly dry with a towel and dry with moving hairs at first in order for the hair roots to rise. After that, dry the hairs with a 2 way comb like combing them.

12, Finishing

04.jpg04.jpgAdd a little styling agent to finish.