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What is the hair iron by ultrasound waves?

Our ultrasound hair iron instantly changes liquid agents into mist and permeates to the depth of the hairs by ultrasound waves. Thanks to the ultrasound vibration whose frequency is 1 million per second, you can do the damageless treatment which permeates reductant and treatment agents without swelling hairs and cuticles by acid or alkali agents.

Is there really no damage to hairs?

In case of forcedly opening cuticles by the conventional alkali agents and permeating liquid agents, the hairs are really damaged. In the treatment using the ultrasound hair iron, the permeation rate is high, and the iron can provide the satisfying completion even in weak acid perming. And, even those who have highly damaged hairs can enjoy the treatment with relief.

Isn’t the ultrasound hot?

The ultrasound hair iron has completely no heat. Including its outside, the iron part of the inside isn’t hot, so you don’t have to worry about burns due to the iron and the event that the iron touches to customers. You can use it safely and relieved.

The ultrasound seems to be weaker than heat in effects…

Since the ultrasound waves instantly change the agent particles into mist by the vibration and permeate to the hairs, the agent works more easily than the permeation by heat. Additionally, since the agent quickly permeates, you can save your time. Thanks to the ultrasound, there are many advantaged points such as being able to do treatment with less damage to the hairs.

Whom is the hair iron recommendable for?

For those who don’t want to damage their hairs. For those who want to perm their hairs repeatedly. For those who want to change their hair styles even if they are worried about further damage to their hairs due to the repeated hair straightening. Since the hair iron directly works to the inside of the hairs by the theory that is completely different from the conventional one, the beauty salons thinking about effective new menus can enable customers to enjoy various hair styles without relying on strong alkali agents or heat.

What is D-Less System?

D-Less System is the next generation perming system to straighten the hairs with giving moisture and shininess to them.
We mixed plant-derived natural moisturizing agents, shea butter, and herb extracts etc. with the neutral cosmetic perming agent, and we are able to do gentle treatment even for those who have highly damaged hairs.

What kind of liquid is the alpha cosmetic agent?

It is neutral. It is mixed with the viscous cationic emulsified cream which is superior in the permeation to hairs, and it firmly permeates to the hairs by the ultrasound hair iron. Even comparing with the treatment with alkali agents, you can do satisfying hair styling by the treatment result which is completely not inferior to such treatment.

Does the agent develop rashes?

Since the reductant has low concentration, it is really hard for beauticians who directly touch the agent to get rashes or become some dermatitis due to the agent. The possibility that customers get rashes on their scalps or become some dermatitis is also really low.

How can I use the hair iron?

he procedures are as follows: pre-treatment→alpha cosmetic agent 1→alpha cosmetic agent 2→post-treatment.
For more details, please check this page

Is it possible to use it to any hairstyle?

The ultrasound hair iron is effective for permeating all the hair agents. You can apply it to any genre of hair beauty technology including the promotion of treatment.

Is there any caution when I use the hair iron?

When you use the ultrasound hair iron SONIC STYLER PRO, you should make the thickness of the hair bundle about 2mm on the slice width of the hair bundle. And, firmly wipe off the plate part with a wet dishcloth after the usage and keep its cleanliness. Further, please don’t wash the hair iron in water since it becomes the result of breakdown.