Privacy Policy

A’s style Co., Ltd. (which is called our company from below) establishes the guideline on private information handling (privacy policy) as below in order for all the users to utilize our products with relief.

1. Purposes for private information utilization

Our company utilizes the registered information for the identity verification of the users. Also, our company uses it to improve the service contents, correctly notice the information of special services and new products, and other purposes.

2. Disclosure of private information

1) Our company never discloses the private information to third parties unless there is any agreement from the customers. However, our company might disclose in case of corresponding to the following items.
・Case that there is any demand from public agencies such as courts and the police with based on the laws
・Case that there is any special regulation in the laws
・Case that our company cannot get the agreement from the customers even if there is the possibility to lose the lives, bodies, and properties of the customers or third parties
・Cases that our company needs to protect our company’s rights, properties, and services from the actions against the laws and our company’s utilization regulations and cautions and that our company cannot get the agreement from the customers even in the situation

3. Guarantee & Liability limitation

When users utilize our company, the users have the responsibility for it. Our company never bears any responsibility on every damage occurred by the utilization of each information acquired from other homepages whose links are set in our company and our company service website.

4. Application range

When users utilize our company’s services, the said provisions are always applied.
[Change of privacy policy]
Our company can change the privacy policy in our website without any permission from users. Also, when our company changes the contents of private information acquisition, utilization methods, and disclosed contents, our company informs by reflecting the new information to this privacy policy in order for users to know about it.

5. Please contact here on the inquiries of private information.

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