Function design assuming customers and salon works

We designed with thoroughly inspecting about the adjustment of ultrasound & far infrared ray strengths and if there is any inconvenience during salon works.

Permeation effects and other ones are greatly increased when you adjust the ultrasound & far infrared rays with the hair condition

Our product implements highly durable effective completion when you adjust the discharge of ultrasound & far infrared rays with the hair quality and health condition of each customer.

★Case of fat hairs

Slowly permeate liquid agents to the hair cores by the big ultrasound whose frequency is little and strong far infrared rays.

★Case of fine hairs

Permeate to the whole of the hairs without placing any burden to them by the ultrasound which vibrates slightly and twitchily and a small amount of far infrared rays.

On the conventional ultrasound hair iron, the adaptor and socket are separate, so the operation quality was reduced since the adaptor suspended. We integrated the adaptor with the socket part on the controlled item, and it became possible to operate comfortably.