What is ‘ultrasound hair iron’?

It is the hair iron which promotes the permeation of hair agents such as perming agents and color agents.

Damages acid agents and alkali ones couldn’t prevent…

Since the particles of conventional perming agents and hair color agents are big, we opened
cuticles by acid or alkali agents to permeate to the inside of hairs.
Due to the effects, meso-substances (matrixes) flow out. Then, the hairs get loose from
the inside, and various damages such as split hairs and cut hairs are caused.

Meso-substance (matrix) is…
It plays a role to fix fibrils like glue.
It flows out when cuticles peel off.

Change the liquid agent into mist by ultrasound vibration and
Implement the permeation power the conventional infiltrators couldn’t do

Our product instantly changes the particles of the agent into mist by the ultrasound vibration
which vibrates 1 million times per second, slips through the slight intervals between cuticles, and makes the agents permeate to the deep parts of hairs soon.
The original opening and effects perming agents, hair color ones, and hair treatments have are pulled out at the maximum in a short time by efficiently permeating agents in a short time.